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House, Swiss Water Decaffeinated or Single Origin Guest Roasts

Excellent coffee can only be served using excellent espresso. At Exodus we recognise that our beans must be the highest grade arabica and they must be perfectly roasted if we are to produce an espresso that is full of flavour and body. That's why we offer three different roasts, all of which are selected for their smoothness, flavour and most importantly the quality of the espresso.

House Roast

Our House Roast is a blend of arabica beans from three countries - Brazil, Columbia and Sumatra. Together they produce an espresso that's smooth, chocolatey, with dry berry notes, that is perfect for all types of coffee, whether drunk black, with a splash of milk, or as a cappuccino or latte. Although it is intended to be our all-purpose coffee blend, it is anything but common. The beans are chosen specifically to compliment each other, the result being a unique combination of flavours that set the tastebuds tingling but without any residual bitterness that would otherwise spoil the drink. This really is a quite amazing blend!

Swiss Water decaf

The Swiss Water method of decaffeination is by far the most effective, most ecologically sound and arguably the most rewarding process for removing caffeine from the coffee bean. In this method, no chemicals are used to extract the caffeine - the green coffee beans are soaked in Green Coffee Extract (GCE), flavour-rich but caffeine-free water, that is prepared earlier in the process. The caffeine molecules dissolve in the GCE but the coffee flavour and oil molecules cannot be absorbed by the already flavour-rich GCE, so although the caffeine is removed from the green coffee beans the flavour and oils are not. The result is decaffeination without a loss of flavour. Ther GCE is then passed through an activated charcoal filter which removes the caffeine molecules and it can then be re-used in further decaffeination processes. The Swiss Water method results in coffee which is 99.9% caffeine-free and is the only completely organic process available.

Single Origin Guest Roast

Although our House and decaf roasts are absolutely perfect in their own rights, we always knew we wanted to offer something a little bit more unusual as well. That's why we always have a Single Origin Guest roast available for those Customers who wish to try something different, something that they may not find anywhere else. The Guest roast changes every couple of days and is always worth experiencing. It could be the award winning Tunki bean from Peru, an exceptional coffee that is sustainably shade-grown at an altitude of 1600-1800m, in the moutains of the Tambopata Valley where the beans are fed and washed by pure spring waters, then patio dried by the local indigenous Quecha and Aymara speaking families who have worked the area for generations in harmony with their land. Or perhaps the Kenyan Peaberry, grown by the Thiriku Cooperative in the Nyeri District of Kenya's Central Province, at an altitude of 1890m and washed and sun-dried on African beds. Or Columbian La Marianela Estate, or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, or Guatemalan SHB Huehuetenango..... whichever of our Guest roasts you experience we are confident you won't be dissapointed.

The beans used by Exodus Coffee are all roasted locally to us by a specialty micro roaster who is a genuine artisan of the trade. What Mark doesn't know about specialty coffee beans and how to get the best from them probably isn't worth knowing!